Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) includes a wide spectrum of services ranging from learning community management to courses and learning content creation, management of learning activities, and computer-mediated communication. The Learning Management System has the following features:

  • The system supports many forms of computer-mediated communication.
  • Students can view and compare their grades against the class performance.
  • Students can be assigned to groups.
  • Online tests can have multiple-choice, multiple-answer, matching, fill-in the blank, short answer, and essay questions.
  • When an instructor adds an assignment to the course, the system automatically adds it to the gradebook.
  • Export the scores in the gradebook to an external spreadsheet.
  • Grading scale that can employ percentages, letter grades, or pass/fail metrics.
  • Assignments, assessments, and announcements can be released on specific dates.
  • Access to course materials can be personalized based on group membership.
  • Access to course components can be monitored.
  • The system allows administrators to use an existing course or a pre-defined template as a basis for a new course.