myAIS Portal

The portal is the starting point from which all of myAIS services can be accessed. Below is a description for the contents of the portal.

  • A comprehensive index of information and services.
  • Pages are easily reachable by all categories of users such as prospective students, continuing students, parents, teachers, staff, job seekers, official bodies, etc.
  • Search tool to maximize information and service access.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Key static pages such as the vision, mission, values, code-of-ethics, privacy, policies for using the portal, students rights and duties, and a list by frequently asked questions.
  • Introductory pages about the schools' programs, canters and administrative units.
  • Rules and regulations and circulars, forms and guidelines.
  • Access to external services such as e-mail, contact forms, Google maps, Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  • Access to myAIS services.
  • News, weather, prayer times, calendars, timetables, etc.