Security Features

Web-based applications need special attention to the security concerns when designing services that are publicly open. Data security is an important part of every application system in myAIS. Services in myAIS are delivered through the Authentication and Security Layer (ASL). This layer is responsible for handling all security and authentication issues related to myAIS. The main features of this layer include the following:

  • Access to different components of the portal is based on and governed by roles. The security module is used to define roles and assign roles to user groups.
  • myAIS maintains a complete log of events. The system also gives means and tools to access and analyze these logs.
  • myAIS has the ability to encrypt sensitive data according to user request.
  • All users data logged into the system are stored in a list by the ASL. Every time the user wants to move to a new screen credentials are tested against this list first and then privileges are checked to make sure that the user has the right privileges to access the required screen.