basis and motivation behind myAIS project

Arrowad International Schools possess a lot of resources such as libraries, buildings, facilities, assets and more importantly human capital including students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators. To manage these assists in an effective and transparent manner, the school administration launched a strategic project to develop an enterprise resource planner, abbreviated myAIS, that contains an integrated set of systems to facilitate efficient school management, including:

  1. Providing a coherent set of services for day-to-day work of students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators.
  2. Providing accurate, consistent, timely and meaningful information to support senior management vision in exploiting emerging opportunities.
  3. Maximizing the efficiency of administrative processes by converting paper-based procedures into electronic form.
  4. Automating tedious admission and registration processes as well as helping parents and school administration in monitoring students performance on individual and collective learning activities.
  5. Capturing statistical data necessary for continuous assessment in order to promote success and disseminate best practices.
  6. Enabling information access for parents and teachers to analyze, follow up and improve their children's performance.
  7. Creating a school portal that seamlessly allow visitors to access services and information.
  8. Automating all school administrative and support services including transportation, human capital management, financial management, inventory control, etc.

Project Team, myAIS

About myAIS

myAIS project vision, mission and objectives


Taking the schools to top ranks in terms of implementing technology in teaching, learning, and school administration.

Project Team, myAIS


The project mission is to utilize the full potential of information and communication technologies to drive a new era of excellence.

Project Team, myAIS


The main objective is to build an integrated ERP to serve the schools. In doing so, we will promote a culture of technology-enabled learning, build durable systems to ensure continuity of information flow anytime and anywhere, and promote excellence at both local and international levels.

Project Team, myAIS


myAIS means different things to different people. Here are general descriptions of myAIS services from the users' perspective:


introducing myAIS project partners

myAIS Features and Constituents

core systems and their features

myAIS Project Phases

the main milestones in myAIS project

    Present Condition

    Phase 1

    This phase includes workshops with participants from various beneficiary segments. These activities aim at spreading awareness, conduct SWOT analysis, and review project workplans.



    Phase 2

    In the second phase of the project we will promote the existing information center by upgrading servers, software, and Internet bandwidth so it can host myAIS services effectively.



    Phase 3

    The actual development of myAIS starts in this phase.


    Migration, documentation, and training

    Phases 4, 5, and 6

    These 3 phases include data migration, writing developers and users manuals, and organizing a number of training programs.

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